Don’t Replace Tub

Damaged Tub

damaged tubYour acrylic, gelcoat or vicrell bathtub is damaged: maybe a crack, a scratch, or a chip. Never fear, Tub Surgeon can save your damaged tub.

Don’t Let It Get Worse

Cracks get bigger and the damage gets worse over time. You don’t want that. Scratches grow and spread, eventually turning into cracks and chips, maybe even something you could cut yourself on. Another thing to consider: water, left to its own devices, always ends up where it’s not wanted and it’s not supposed to go. Water plus time equals rot and mold. Terrible.

Beauty Is Worth It

If you have guests coming to stay with you, impress them with how well you take care of your fixtures. Put your best foot forward.
Selling your home? Prospective buyers look very critically at all rooms of your house, especially bathrooms. People want everything to be in great condition and don’t want to do unnecessary remodeling. Even small scratches or chips in your bathtub could scare off a buyer. All that aside, think of yourself and your family, don’t you deserve to have a beautiful and unmarred tub?

Make your bathtub look as good as new without breaking the bank by calling the Tub Surgeon today!
tub with shine